The Women of the British Crown Showed Us How to Voice an Opinion Without Saying a Word

The most famous of Princess Diana's dresses was not her wedding dress, but quite the opposite — it was the one she was wearing before her official divorce. In 1992, it was already evident that Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage was a failure but they continued to fulfill their royal duties. In 1994, Prince Charles made a public admission of his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. After this announcement, the Princess of Wales was supposed to appear at a Vanity Fair magazine party and this was the moment she demonstrated her strong character.

Princess Diana was supposed to appear at the event wearing a classic, elegant Valentino dress but instead, she chose a short, black dress with open shoulders and a plunging neckline that was designed by Christina Stambolian from Greece. By wearing this, the Princess violated the rules of the royal dress code! She also complimented the look with high-heeled shoes that she had never worn when she was with Prince Charles because she would appear taller than him. This incredibly brave outfit was instantly coined the "revenge dress".

The princess also chose her accessories carefully. The pearl necklace with the blue sapphire was made by her order using a brooch that Prince Charles presented to her at their wedding. This was Princess Diana's way of demonstrating her strong nature while dealing with public shame yet still looking perfect. Princess Diana's ex-stylist Anna Harvey said that on this night, the Princess wanted to look stunning and she managed to achieve that.