The Women of the British Crown Showed Us How to Voice an Opinion Without Saying a Word

Kate Middleton's controversial dress

Many British people love Kate Middleton and adore her amazing sense of style — some even compare her to the people's idol, Princess Diana. And as such, all her public appearances are actively discussed. She is famous for her favorite trick: she appears wearing the same outfits during different events.

Her nephew's baptism ceremony was no exception as the Duchess of Cambridge appeared there wearing a bright vintage short dress which was a violation of the Royal family dress code and she was criticized by the members of the family. Meghan Markle has also violated the rules several times. Maybe this was Middleton's way of saying Markle wasn't the only one who could break the rules. By the way, she appeared in the same outfit at Prince Phillip's anniversary in 2011. Middleton's pearl earrings were an interesting accessory as well — Princess Diana baptized Prince Henry while wearing them. This provoked a lot of controversy among internet users who thought that Prince Harry's wife should have been wearing the earrings, not Middleton.