What You Need to Know About Fingerprints

Fingerprints are unique biometric structures that represent a person's personal characteristics. Fingerprints can be used for personal identification based on personal information.

What You Need to Know About Fingerprints
25 Ocak 2023 - 06:13

Fingerprint scanning technology was first used by Scotland Yard in 1901. However, the first fingerprint scanning system was invented by English civilian police officer Henry Faulds in 1892.

Today, fingerprint scanning technology is used in security systems and smartphones. There are also various applications in the public and private sectors. For example, in some countries, passports and citizenship documents are issued using fingerprints.

Fingerprint scanning technology has a very high accuracy rate. However, there are some limitations. For example, fingerprint scanning can be difficult in cases of scarring, itching, oily skin, etc.

Finally, fingerprint scanning technology plays an important role in security and identity verification. However, there are also concerns about the protection and security of personal data. Therefore, legal and ethical rules regarding the use of fingerprint scanning technology must be carefully examined.


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